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Core Concepts

1919 - How Derived

Directed by Holy Spirit

Faithful & Discreet Slave

Governing Body - First Century vs Today

Jehovah's Prophet

Light gets Brighter

Organization - Essential for Salvation?

Salvation only for Jehovah's Witnesses

Changed Teachings

1800s - Changed Date Doctrine

1914 Predictions - Failed Doctrine

1925 - "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!"



Baptism Questions

Christmas, Birthdays & Flag Salute

Elder Arrangement

Faithful & Discreet Slave Changes

Freemasonry & Adventist links


Medical Advice - Vaccinations, Blood, Transplants

Memorial Partakers Increase & 1935

Prophecies - Revelation and Daniel

Resurrection - for whom

Superior Authorities

Worship Jesus


Questionable Doctrine

607 / 1914 / Seven Times

Birthday Celebrations

Blood Transfusions

Cross or Stake

Disfellowshipping & Shunning


Global Flood of Noah

Great Crowd and Other Sheep

Jehovah - God's Name?

Last Days

Mediator for only the 144,000

144,000 - a literal number?

Paradise Earth Forever?

Preaching - only Witnesses?



Bulgaria & Blood Tranfusions

Child Abuse - Paedophilia Policy

Child Abuse - Court Settlements

Children and Blood Transfusions

Child Discipline - Corporal Punishment

Dishonesty & Misquotes in the Watchtower

Donations and Solicitation

Elder's Secret Manual

Higher Education - University

Letter to Hitler

Malawi vs Mexico

Political Involvement

United Nations NGO

Women's Place as Jehovah's Witnesses

What's wrong with being a Witness?

Topics of Interest

15 Minute Guide to Truth

About JWfacts

Always been Jehovah's Witnesses?


Blog - Random Musings

Clothing and Attire

Covid-19 & Jehovah's Witnesses

Cognitive Dissonance

Cutting & Self-harm

Comments from Readers

Dating One Of Jehovah's Witnesses

Divorce - rate amongst Witnesses


Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

Fear & Cult Mind Control

Foreign Language Websites

Governing Body's Motives

Growing Up a Jehovah's Witness

Helping Someone Leave

Historical Publications

Homosexuality and Transgenderism

Internet - Future affect on Watchtower Growth

Latest Articles


Mental Illness

Peace and Security Cry

Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses

Pop Culture References to Jehovah's Witnesses

Personal files - how I got mine from Bethel

Questions to ask a JW - Study Conductor or Cart Witnessing


Rhetorical Fallacy - the art of false reasoning

Similar Religions

Truth - Is it?

Vegetarianism Past & Future

Watchtower Statistics


Weasel Words

Where else to go?

Orphan Pages

United States Publisher Statistics

United States Publisher Statistics

Historical Publisher Statistic Data

Historical Publications

Latest Updates

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