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Crimsonbleu's letter to her Witness sister


I was disfellowshipped in 1983. Over the last 20 years or so I have had a fairly decent relationship with my sisters, aside from both of them having emotional and depression issues. They can't stand each other. Both have tried in vain to get me back in and I am very firm on my stance. I'll never go back and I have been getting more and more resentful of them both.

A few days ago, I sent an email to them to see if I could bring them and our non-witness brother into a get together for our 82 year old Mom - who has never been a Witness. She has not seen all 4 of her children under one roof in many, many years. As of the last several months, I have been shunning my sisters the way they are supposed to shun me, but Mom was the subject at hand, so since family matters are allowed to be dealt with, there should have been no problem.....right?

"No can do," was one sister's answer "not until you make amends to Jehovah."

Well, that did it. I won't verbally spar with either of my sisters until they piss me off. I figured I didn't have anything to lose at this point, and Mom will not have all her children under one roof before she dies just because I do not believe in Watchtower teachings. I sent my sister an email back blasting her. I felt bad when I woke up the next morning, but after I re-read it I felt better because I feel I spoke my Truth.

Email from Sister - her answer to the invitation for a crabfest at Moms for all of us:

"No can do sis, until you make your amends with Jehovah. Then you will be welcomed back with open arms.

"All scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness..."

What we teach comes not from men, it comes from God himself and we know where in the bible the scriptural reasons for what we do are found.

Jesus said he taught "not my will, but the will of my father.." We don't pick and chose which ones we like and ignore the rest.

We are like the ancient Boreans who "searched the scriptures daily as to whether these things were true." Well trained to know what the bible says about fornication and murder and slander.

Jesus said he came to cause divisions between a young man and his wife, a mother and her daughter-in-law...." because Jehovah is looking for those who serve him in truth, separating the sheep from the goats.

He said (in the last days) you will "certainly see a distinction between a righteous one and one who has not served God. By their fruits you will know them.

It takes a long time to grow a fruit. It goes through various stages of development until it is finished. Likewise we are being trained by God for the kind of life he will require in the new Order.

He has not changed."

My response:

"I told you, and I'll tell you again, I do not need to belong to a man made organization to know God. Jehovah needs no organization (corporation of business) to make Himself Known. WTS is a corporation, a business entity! Stop fooling yourself. You want to put me down and call me bad? I am the one who holds the threads of this family together. I am the one who is free of the burdens of this world. I am not without the protection and security of the Holy Spirit, the One Jesus speaks of. I can "see" clearly and I have bad physical eyes.

WTS will disfellowship you for even talking to me. It will tell you to never ever look beyond the boundaries of it's teachings, that only they, as directed by God, have the Truth. That is a lie. A LIE. You cannot see it for you are scared, and think you are doing right by not looking beyond the walls of the WTS. If you did, you will find Jehovah there too. He is here for all who call on Him. All.

Jesus came with new information that would upset and rattle the cages of the current teachings that were available. His new information was radical and forthright. He meant his teaching would cause division, and they do because some people just cannot get past their current perspective. I never saw a thing Jesus ever said about having to belong to an organization, that he was going to set it up and it would be run just like a business.

You think you know so much about your WTS...you know so little for if you did know, and finally, as so many painfully do, come to the coclusion that so many years of your life were wasted...WASTED, in service to an ORGANIZATION!!!!!, and not Jehovah as you were told, you'd be deeply hurt.

Believe me, there are an enormous number of ex- jw's who have heartbreaking stories of pain and disappointment. They are wonderful, kind, honest and loving people who were fooled and are now free.

My highest dream for all JW's is to watch in amazement when the WTS crumbles and falls and sets it's members FREE so they can pursue the love of God as their divine right with no mediator in between. NO ONE should be between you and God. No one, except Jesus, who states that He alone is the way to the Father.

I am not going to argue religion with you sis. Time will reveal it's Truth to you and what will you do when you see me after it's all done and over? You think I am going to be eaten by buzzards? Maybe my body will, but I assure you, we will meet again and you will know the Truth. Unless of course you want to know it NOW.

I have seen born- in's leave the WTS, I have seen devoted elders leave, I have seen entire families devastated by WTS teachings. I have seen GOVERNING BODY MEMBERS, your FDS, LEAVE, with pain and heartbreak that they were deceived into believing God was only within WTS confines. It is a LIE.

He is accessible from your heart and your mind, and through Jesus you cannot NOT have God as your divine Director.

Wake up Sis. You have no problem with telling me how messed up I am, well, I am no longer going to take it. Wake up. I can show you COUNTLESS stories of those who come to realize the true identity of God is not in a corporation. They spent their lives doing, running, reading WTS material, not allowed to seek other sources, and God forbid they ask questions.....don't EVER question the material you read and challenge the answer. Don't ever challenge an elder. You'd be gone. They don't like that. Their job is to mark you and then you are watched. You can ask questions, you will get answers, but if that answer doesn't fit, and you challenge it......

Don't tell me I am wrong. I see it nearly every day. I know better. I am allowed to look. I can read, research and talk to whomever I want at any time I want. I am free. You are not. You think you are. The perfect slave is the one who thinks he is not a slave. You are just that. Get out and do your field service, you know you hate it. You know you do! You secretly hate knocking on strangers doors, in all sorts of weather. Get more members make those statistical numbers go up cos when they are up, sales are up!

You love reading your Bible though, but have you really ever read it without having the magazines or books point things out? Oh, what a joy that is! You will see things you never knew were in there.

You and Crystal are both taught to hate me. Oh, what a loving faith in God you have! How kind of a loving god to tell it's worshippers to hate people who don't agree with you (or it). Tell an elder you do not agree with a teaching. Go ahead. You can't because you want to believe it all. It must be alright. It's from Jehovah! I'll tell you now, you have a muddled understanding of God. It keeps you bound. It limits your mind and it's ability to think. WTS has done this to you and for that reason I have enormous disdain for it. WTS has cut your connection to God...the one thing in your life you love---it has cut it in fragments and you are getting a very watered down version of this wonderful thing Jesus told us about--this connection with the Father Source, and the Helper, the Holy Spirit.

Stop ragging on me about the KH and WTS. NEVER EVER will I go back. NEVER. I know better. You and Crystal are both so miserable and your only source of joy is the hope that you have. How would you like to have that hope a thousand times stronger and a thousand times brighter? How would you like to be free to love and live as you wish? That does not mean doing wrong things like hurting or stealing from people, or things like that! It means that you and God----just you and Jehovah--are One.

I already know what you are going to say. You already have all that. I tell you no, you do not. But if you are happy, then so I let that be. In the meantime, do NOT chastise me for my life and my being.

As for Mom, those stupid teaching of the WTS even keep you from coming to a crabfest and seeing her. I'd have paid your gas, and provided everything. Do you really think that is what God would want---you to refrain from seeing your Mom just because I don't agree with the WTS? Oh, and save the stuff about it all being based on Bible teachings, I never saw a more twisted, out of context bunch of teachings. You are gonna have some splainin to do when you do get the chance....

So, did you do your research on the United Nations Aliance that WTS requested and got and held for 10 years? The UN, the Beast, the thing that Rev talks about being so evil? WTS rode her back for 10 years sis, all on the premise that they wanted the library card to do research with. I will speak the truth as I see fit and you can accuse me of blaspheming all you want. I'm pretty tough. Especially when it comes to rooting out the dark underside of WTS. That place, my dear sis is a whitewashed grave. You want me in....I want you OUT. I would never ever wish harm to you, or Crystal. She si not ready to hear any of this. But should she dare take the initiative like you to challenge me, and try to debase me, I will tell her the same as I tell you. You cannot change my mind.

Tell me what the signs of a false prophet are?