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Mother's Manga Memoirs

Tamosan was raised and baptised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in Japan. When her son was born with a rare illness, she was faced with the decision of breaking Watchtower rules by allowing him a blood transfusion, or letting her son die.

Following are links to an interview with her that was published in Otaku USA Magazine and two of her Manga books; "The Day I Was Forced To Marry God," and "The Day I Divorced God."

Tamosan on Her Manga Memoirs About Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses by Danica Davidson March 25, 2021 links to a interview published in March 2021. (Click here for a backup PDF copy.)

Tamosan's books can be purchased from the following website links. Please note that I do not receive any compensation for the referral.

The Day I Was Forced to Marry God

The Day I Divorced God


Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to have blood transfusions. To do so is described as violating Jehovah's laws, and will result in being dissassociated (removed) from the congregation, and threatened will death at Armageddon. The JWfacts article Blood Transfusions explains the Watchtower stance and why it is not valid. However, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses that has been indoctrinated to believe a transfusion is wrong, it is an exceptionally difficult situation to face, deciding between saving your child and following what you believe to be Jehovah's will. Sadly, many Jehovah's Witness parents have allowed their children to die by refusing doctors to administer blood. It has been even more heartbreaking when some of these same parents that later come to the realisation that Watchtower is not the true religion, and their reasoning against blood transfusions is deeply flawed.

Originally published Mar 2021

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