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Family of Newly Converted

Havoc occurs when part of a family is sucked in to Jehovah's Witness "truth." They may or may not be happier but the extended family is distraught.

We are a family of Catholics, Protestants, and a few non-practicing Christians. I never knew any Jehovah's Witnesses personally but I always felt so sad for their children trying to survive as complete outsiders in public school. No wonder so many of them leave when they can despite the whole shunning thing.

Jehovah's Witnesses came knocking and caught my sister-in-law in a vulnerable position and came in to "save" her. (One son getting a divorce, one son arrested for heroin, a third son is a closet homosexual, a brother who died of cancer and both parents died very soon after. Actually I am glad they are gone already as this would have killed them.)

I usually don't care about someone's religious beliefs, but Jehovah's Witnesses are an entirely different thing. No holidays, no weddings, and no funerals. (I have been to a few Bar Mitzvahs and have not turned into a Jew. I have gone to weddings in all sorts of churches and guess what? I still belong to my same church.)

We got an email from her filled with Jehovah's Witness propaganda and turning down any offers for get-togethers that were in any way shape or form around a holiday. The problem is - most people have time off from work for holidays and that is when families get-together. Nothing religious at these get-togethers, mind you. Simple food and family time. I have a son who works for the government. Oops - no talking about government - they don't believe in that either.

The breaking point in our relationship was when she and her husband offered to drive 2 hours to my house to grace us with their presence for 2 hours on Thanksgiving but they would leave when we were going to eat because "they don't believe in what we are doing." I guess it is ok to get fast food on the way home. I said no to them disrupting my holiday (which they have been attending and enjoying for years.) My blood still boils at the audacity of the whole thing. I threw in that I would not travel to their house either because I don't believe in what they are doing. Their kids and granddaughter all came to us.

And here we are. Neither side talking to the other. A family in ruins because of JWs.

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