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Barbara Anderson - Brooklyn Bethel

The Discoveries of Barbara Anderson is article written by Barbara about her experiences as a researcher and writer in the Bethel Writing Department in Brooklyn. The file is a 25 page, 720Kb Microsoft Word document. I highly recommend taking the time to download and read her story. Barbara wrote a number of articles for the Watchtower publications and was one of the researchers for the Proclaimers Book. She became involved in research on pedophilia for a number of articles released in the 1990s. Eventually her conscience no longer allowed her to be associated with the Watchtower Society, particularly due to the Governing Body's refusal to change Watchtower policy that protects pedophiles.

Barbara's Letter to the Governing Body is a letter from 2012 regarding the July 2011 Watchtower article describing as "mentally diseased" those that leave the religion over doctrinal issues.

JUDGMENT DAY MUST WAIT by Poul Bregninge presents a complete history of the ideology of the Watchtower Society and its focus on Judgment Day. It includes a chapter on the topic of child abuse written by Barbara Anderson, which was a forerunner to her life story, Discoveries of Barbara Anderson.

Barbara Anderson and Bill Bowen appeared on Dateline in 2002. Bill Bowen runs the site for Jehovah's Witness victims of paedophilia; http://silentlambs.org/

Barbara's research work is meticulous, and the results of her research have been published at http://www.watchtowerdocuments.com/. This contains information on the history of the Watchtower, and it's pedophile and blood transfusion policies.

The following video from 2016 discusses Barbara's story and her attempt to highlight the issues with Watchtower policy regarding child abuse.