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Hi everyone.... I was stuck inside the Watchtower Corporation, with everone around me still believing. I was a Reg. Pioneer and a Ministerial Servant. But I knew too much. I knew the truth about "The Truth" I spent coutless hours researching scripture and the publications, as well as science, history and textual criticism. So I was faced with the dillemma of living a lie or losing my family. One thing my parents and the WT taught me was to make a stand for truth, in spite of the consequences. So thats what I did. When faced with those inevitable questions...

"Do you still want to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses?"

Not if it means that I have to preach things as "truth" to people when i know for a fact they are false.

"Was that a no?"

I guess it was.

"Do you believe that the Governing Body is God's sole channel of communication on earth?"

Why would I? Theres no evidence for it.

I was disfellowshipped in September of last year. My wife left me, and my parents, brother, and life long friends have turned their backs on me. Those are their decisions and they're beyond my control. So although I miss them deeply, I've moved on and accepted what I cannot change. I've spent the time since then trying to make sense of my life without the cult. It's going slowly but surely. Meanwhile, the non-JW side of my family (whom I had previously shunned needlessly) have welcomed me with open arms. Many of them are Christian. They know I don't believe. But they don't hold it against me. They associate with me regardless. They understand I've just been through hell and back. They love me. Unconditionally. They don't just pay lip service to the word, unlike that cold mechanical monster of an organization. They love me for the simple fact that I am 'me', and that I am family.

Anyway... life is good. Life is BETTER outside of the organization. I wish all Witnesses had the courage to put down their Watchtowers and anti-depressants, and start to live life.

My name is Benjamin Spencer, I'm 29 years old and I've been branded an apostate by Watchtower Inc. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!