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watchtower quotes

This section provides lists of quotes from Watchtower publications regarding a range of Jehovah's Witness doctrine. It presents Watchtower teaching through the use of quotes with minimal comment. This makes it ideal for anyone that may be discouraged from reading information written by former Witnesses.


 Year 2000 - End will be in the 20th century


 Bible only for 144,000

 Black skin

 Blame Members


 Close of the heavenly calling

 Discipline Children


 End Soon, So Near, Imminent, Few Years


 Happiest people - Jehovah's Witnesses

 Higher Education


 Jehovah's Witnesses Unique

 Marriage & child bearing

 Marriage - not in the new system

 Martial arts


 "Only" Jehovah's Witnesses

 Oral sex

 Pagan practices

 Psychiatry & hypnosis

 Publisher growth

 Rape can be fornication



 Theocratic Warfare & Lying


 Trust the Governing Body



 Women submission

 Worldly people


After reviewing quotes from the Watchtower over a succession of years, several aspects become apparent:

  • The beliefs of Witnesses change over time or contradict themselves
  • The Watchtower dictates over a vast array of areas in the life of followers, regularly without any direct Scriptural backing
  • Many Watchtower beliefs are US centric, unusual, and remnant of 19th century thinking

This calls into question whether a man-made organization should be making rules based on personal interpretation of ambiguous Scripture or principles. Jesus criticised religious leaders of his day for such rule-making.

This is a valuable resource for people researching the Watchtower Society, people studying with Witnesses that would like to know information beyond the basic introductory Bible study book, and current Witnesses that would like an easy reference point.