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JWFacts YouTube channel - I have started to slowly record some of the articles and load the in video format to YouTube and as audio format.

The Struggles of a Born In Non-Believer - Nov 2017 shows how unfair it is to be born to Jehovah's Witness parents, if you don't believe. From Jehovah's Witness child, to living in her car, to successfully moving on with her life, this incredible story will be all to familiar to many raised by parents devoted to the Watchtower.

Only Jehovah's Witnesses - July 2017 is under the Quotes section, listing quotes where the Watchtower claims their followers to be unique, such as that "only Jehovah's Witnesses" practice Godly love.

Was Russell a Freemason? - May 2017 There are many discussions online regarding whether Charles Russell, Watchtower founder, was a Freemason. What are the facts?

Similar Religions to Jehovah's Witnesses- Inglesia Ni Cristo - Apr 2017

Watchtower View of Homosexuality & Transgender - May 2016 - The 2016 Awake! No.4 states Jehovah's Witnesses are not prejudice against homosexuals, yet regularly describes homosexuality as a vile, sick perversion practiced by people with disgraceful sexual appetites.

Vegetarianism: Past and Future - Apr 2016 - Watchtower teaches that God created humans and all animals as vegetarians despite scientific evidence that animals were meat eaters well before the existence of humans.

Animal Suffering - Apr 2016 - Watchtower teaches that whilst humans were to live forever, animals grew old and died. This contradicts Watchtower’s teachings of death, sin and a loving God.

BeyondJW - Timothy Campbell - Feb 2016 - Several great articles reprinted from one of the early internet sites regarding Jehovah's Witnesses, dating back to 1995.

Letter to Mom and Sisters - A detailed letter explaining why the writer cannot believe what Jehovah's Witnesses teach, yet that it should not affect the family tie Jan 2016

Daughter to Dad, Daughter's letter about being shunned and a father's typical reply - Jan 2016

Can your baptism be Annulled? - Jan 2016

Adam's letter to his mother regarding being shunned - Dec 2015

Child Discipline - Corporal Punishment Discusses Jackson's comments to the Royal Commission that Watchtower does not encourage corporal punishment - Oct 2015

Child Discipline Watchtower quotes to use corporal punishment such as spanking when raising children - Sep 2015

Child Abuse Court Cases including Candice Conti summary - May 2015

Should you Disassociate and Sample Disassociation Letters - Feb 2015

Proskuneō in the New World Translation. Comparative list of Scriptures the New World Translation translates proskuneō as obeisance instead of worship. This is data used in the article Worship Jesus. - Jan 2015

The Hardship of being a Gay Jehovah's Witness - Jul 2014

1919 - How Derived - Jun 2014

Similar Religions to Jehovah's Witnesses- Two By Twos - Jun 2014

Higher Education - University - Dec 2013

Beards and Attire - Nov 2013

Kevin - PDF, a heartbreaking experience about growing up gay as a Jehovah's Witness - Jul 2013

United States Publisher Statistics - Mar 2013

United Kingdom Publisher Statistics - Mar 2013

Misquotes, Deception & Lies - Feb 2013

Global Flood - Is it Possible? - Sep 2012

What is wrong with Sparlock? - Aug 2012

Jehovah's Witness stance against Birthday Celebrations - Jul 2012

Notable Updates to Articles

Oct 2015 - How 1919 is Derived Added new section outlining the historical occurrences between 1914 and 1919, disproving any claims that Jesus chose the organization as cleansed in 1919.

Jan 2015 - Malawi Added Watchtower letter explaining why Kingdom Halls in Chile can display the national flag in order to avoid a small fine.

Jan 2015 - Statistics Updated the article on Watchtower publisher statistics with 2014 figures from the 2015 Yearbook.

Jun 2014 - Additional deceptive quotes from Watchtower articles

Jan 2014 - Publisher Statistics updated with 2013 figures

Nov 2013 - Hitler - Additional quotes.

Apr 2013 - Misquotes, Deception & Lies - Added some significant misquotes regarding blood transfusions.

Apr 2013 - Faithful & Discreet Slave - Latest quotes and images from Watchtower Jul 15 2013.

Mar 2013 - Disfellowshipping - Added quotes from Watchtower Jan 15 2013.

Mar 2013 - Mormons - Added two exceptional youtube videos from former Mormons.

Feb 2013 - Famous Jehovah's Witnesses - Added Coco Rocha and Notorious BIG

Jan 2013 - Jehovah's Witness Statistics - Updated with 2012 Publisher Figures.

Nov 2012 - Faithful & Discreet Slave - Latest doctrinal change.

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