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Two by Twos

The Two by Twos were founded in Ireland by William Irvine in 1897. They place strong emphasis on preaching and members refer to the group as The Truth or The Way.

They hold to many core teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • No Trinity
  • Disfellowship wrongdoers
  • Claim all their teachings are supported by the Bible
  • Preach in pairs
  • Modest dress
  • Avoid worldly activities
  • Do not smoke
  • Are Pacifists
  • Use terms like Elder, meeting and field
  • Salvation is conditional on works
  • Believe they alone represent the direct line of the true Church back to Jesus

Membership is thought to number half a million, and they claim to have preached all over the inhabited world.

Irvine was later expelled from the Church he founded, as was Edward Cooney, who went on to form a similar group referred to as the Cooneyites.

Two By Twos are commonly referred to as a cult for much the same reasons that the Watchtower is regarded as a cult. Former members run sites to help those that leave, such as 2x2ministry.org and tellingthetruth.info/home/






Originally published June 2014, last update September 2014