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Historical Watchtower Publications

JWfacts.com is filled with Watchtower quotes. Readers of this site are usually shocked by a lot of the information and reluctant to accept that it is accurate. It is important to verify for yourself that the quotes appearing here are exactly as they appear in Watchtower publications, and also that they have not been taken out of context.

The best place to access Watchtower publications are on the official website of Jehovah's Witnesses at jw.org. There is a "Library" menu tab, or it can be accessed from wol.jw.org.

It is not possible to access all Watchtower publications at jw.org, and in general those that have been made available only go back as far as the 1980s. Surprisingly, not even Studies in the Scriptures are available. These are the original series of books published by the founder, Pastor Russell and are a critical part of Watchtower history; the information contained within them are the "spiritual food" Jesus examined when choosing Watchtower as the organization to represent him, based on being the only religion teaching the "truth." (A cynical person may be tempted to say that the original teachings are hidden due to being of embarrassment and contradictory to present teachings.) For this reason it is necessary to look elsewhere for a large portion of Watchtower publications.

An incredible resource is the "Internet Archive". This has scans of millions of books across all manner of subjects, including Watchtower publications.

The most comprehensive site to download Watchtower publications, as of March 2023, is AvoidJW.org. This site contains almost all Watchtower publications that have been released to the public.

Secondhand printed copies of Watchtower publications can be purchased on Ebay though older ones can command high prices.

A lot of the research for jwfacts.com was done in the library of the Parramatta congregation, which carried many of the original Watchtower publications. Some Kingdom Halls and Bethel Branches may still carry copies of old publications, but most destroyed their libraries after the year 2000.

The best aid in knowing what publications to search for is the comprehensive list of Watchtower publications found at List of Watch Tower Society publications.

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