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"I printed off the pamphlet from jwfacts and gave to it a relative who was getting introduced to Watchtower doctrine. I simply said, "You need to know this first", handing them the pages. And that's all it took for them to take a step back and view things critically."

To understand the fundamentals of being a Jehovah's Witness, click on the images for a printable PDF pamphlet. This is designed particularly for people studying with Jehovah's Witnesses. A "bible study student" is presented selective information to make conversion appear appealing. The pamphlet highlights other areas a person should know prior to making any commitments to the Watchtower organisation.

This leaflet is published under creative commons license and free to be printed and distributed, provided reference is made to jwfacts.com and no money is charged. Please feel free to translate and send me a copy to add for download. Following are options for a full page doubled sided copy, or doubled sided folding to 4 pages.

        A4 Folding Jehovahs Witness pamphlet         A4 Folding Jehovahs Witness pamphlet

Spanish - Español

         Spanish pamphlet fold

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French - Fran├žais

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German - Deutsch


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Dutch - Nederlands

Portuguese - Portugues

portugese pamphlet Jehovah's Witnesses

Double sided, folds to six pages

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Link to the information on the Ukrainian website jwfacts.org.ua.

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