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1925 - "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!"

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"Millions now living will never die!" was exclaimed by Rutherford in a series of public lectures starting 1918. This was related to his prophecy that the earthly resurrection would commence 1925, with the return to life of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and became the focus of the preaching work in the following years.

This article provides quotes regarding Rutherford's failed doctrine, and shows how in recent times Watchtower dishonestly presents this historical episode.

The failure of Watchtower's 1914 predictions for the end of this system, and death of Russell in 1916, left his followers in disarray. After legalistic wrangling,1 Rutherford became Watchtower's next President. Credit must go to Rutherford for his ability to rebuild the religion. He was able to re-ignite urgency into the remaining followers by announcing through public discourse in February 1918 that "The World Has Ended - Millions Now Living May Never Die!" In March 1918, the title was changed to the more compelling “The World Has Ended — Millions Now Living Will Never Die!”2

In 1920, this message was released in the booklet, Millions Now Living Will Never Die! This was further expounded in 1921 in Rutherford's first book, The Harp of God, which carried on the cover the inscription, "Proof Conclusive that Millions now Living will never Die". In 1924, the children's book The Way to Paradise made a number of outlandish predictions for 1925 and life in the New System.

Millions Now Living Will Never Die cover

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The Proclaimers book relates;

"What an exciting message they proclaimed--"Millions now living will never die!" Brother Rutherford had given a discourse on this subject in 1918. It was also the title of a 128-page booklet published in 1920. From 1920 through 1925, that same subject was featured again and again around the world in public meetings in all areas where speakers were available and in upwards of 30 languages." Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.425

Reading the brief mention of this topic in the Proclaimers book, one could be mistaken for thinking 1925 was of little relevance in the history of Jehovah's Witnesses; yet this was the defining prophecy of Rutherford's leadership. Largely unknown by most Jehovah's Witnesses today, this was the focus of the Watchtower preaching work between 1918 and 1925. "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!" introduced Rutherford's prediction that the earthly resurrection was to begin in 1925, starting with the faithful men of old, men such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Between 1918 and 1925, Watchtower promoted the earthly resurrection would commence in 1925.

Expectations for 1925 included:

  • the end of Christendom
  • the return of earth to a paradise
  • the resurrection of the dead onto earth
  • the Zionist teaching of the reestablishment of Palestine

The following quotes outline these expectations.

"What, then, should we expect to take place? The chief thing to be restored is the human race to life; and since other Scriptures definitely fix the fact that there will be a resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and other faithful ones of old, and that these will have the first favour, we may expect 1925 to witness the return of these faithful men of Israel from the condition of death , being resurrected and fully restored to perfect humanity and made the visible, legal representatives of the new order of things on earth." Millions Now Living Will Never Die! p.88
"As we have heretofore stated, the great jubilee cycle is due to begin in 1925. At that time the earthly phase of the kingdom shall be recognized." Millions Now Living Will Never Die! p.89
"Hence these faithful men may be expected on earth within the next few years." The Harp of God p.340
"The year 1926 would therefore begin about October first, 1925. ... We should, therefore, expect shortly after 1925 to see the awakening of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Melchisedec, Job, Moses, Samuel, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, John the Baptist, and others mentioned in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. The Way to Paradise (1925) p.224
No doubt many boys and girls who read this book will live to see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, and those other men of old, come forth in the glory of their "better resurrection," perfect in mind and body. It will not take long for Christ to appoint them to their posts of honor and authority as his earthly representatives. The world and all the present conveniences will seem strange to them at first, but they will soon become accustomed to the new methods. They may have some amusing experiences at first; for they never saw telephones, radios, automobiles, electric lights, aeroplanes, steam engines, and many other things so familiar to us." The Way to Paradise pp.226-227

The Way to Paradise described 1925 are the year for Jerusalem becoming capital of the world (p.219), "God's favour returning to the Jewish people", and "ancient worthies" being awakened (p.224). It went on to make the following outrageous predictions;

"The Bible and "The Bible in Stone" [the Pyramid of Giza] give the date 1914: for the beginning of the great change. History proves that the ouster proceedings began promptly on time. Prophecy indicates that 1925-1926 will see the greater part of the ousting completed. All the world's statesmen are dreading the next few years." The Way to Paradise p.171
"When you take up a more advanced study of the Bible, you will find that the year 1925 A. D. is particularly marked in prophecy." The Way to Paradise p.220
"Of course it will take some time to get things in smoothly running order after the great stress between now and 1926. It may be ten years or more before you get your home all fixed up, and the gardens bringing forth the luscious fruits and appetizing vegetables in abundance. Even if it takes a while longer you will be that much better prepared. You will have secured the services of the best decorators you can find. Some of them used to be undertakers; but since there are no more people dying, they have had to seek some new occupation. Their experience as undertakers prepared them to become decorators with very little difficulty." The Way to Paradise p.228

The Bulletin October 1920 included an outline on how to introduce the topic of 1925.

"Good morning!
"Do you know that millions now living will never die?
"I mean just what I say - that millions now living are never going to die.
"'The Finished Mystery', the posthumous work of Pastor Russell, tells why there are millions now living who will never die; and if you can keep alive until 1925 you have excellent chances of being one of them.
"It is an absolute fact, stated in every book of the Bible, foretold by every prophet of the Bible."
Bulletin 1920 Oct 1

The following quote shows the superstitious nature of Watchtower followers regarding Watchtower publications, and at the time their continued belief in the relevance of the pyramid.

"There are men about the Pyramid who have acted as guides for years. Several of these were sent for and closely questioned. They all agreed that the material was brought there and the construction of this stairway and iron supports began early in July, 1919, and the work was completed about the first of October, 1919. Immediately the writer recalled that it was about the first of July 1919, that the idea was conceived of publishing THE GOLDEN AGE, the first issue of which appeared October 1, 1919. THE GOLDEN AGE announced, and continues to announce, that the establishment of Messiah’s kingdom is at hand, that the time of restitution is here, that the old world has ended and the new is beginning, and that millions now living will never die." Watchtower 1920 Dec 15 p.379

1925 - Proven Fact From God

Rutherford wrote that the chronological predictions he had made were "of God" himself and 1925 was proclaimed a "fixed" date beyond doubt.

Sign proclaiming "This means what it says - It is a fact"
"... this chronology is not of man, but of God.... the addition of more proofs removes it entirely from the realm of chance into that of proven certainty.... the chronology of present truth [is]... not of human origin." Watch Tower 1922 Jul 15 p.217
"The date 1925 is even more distinctly indicated by the Scriptures because it is fixed by the law God gave to Israel. Viewing the present situation in Europe, one wonders how it will be possible to hold back the explosion much longer; and that even before 1925 the great crisis will be reached and probably passed." Watch Tower 1922 Sep 1 p.262
"Our thought is, that 1925 is definitely settled by the Scriptures, marking the end of the typical jubilees. ... As to Noah, the Christian now has much more upon which to base his faith then Noah had (so far as the Scriptures reveal) upon which to base his faith in a coming deluge." Watch Tower 1923 Apr 1 p.106
"The year 1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in Scriptures, even more clearly than that of 1914;…" Watchtower 1924 Jul 15 p.211

Could there be any more direct evidence of an organization that promoted false prophecy in the name of God? How could Rutherford say that his followers had more reason to accept his prediction of 1925 than Noah had to believe the words directly spoken by Jehovah?

Rutherford gloated that those criticising the 1925 predictions would fail.

"We cannot be blamed for presenting from the Scriptures such evidence as they afford which leads us to believe that a certain event will take place at a given time. Some times the Lord has let His people looking for the right thing at the wrong time, and more frequently they have looked for the wrong things at the right time. But all the enemies of the cause of present truth in the earth are fervently hoping that the Bible students will not be so successful in 1925 in looking for the right thing at the right time as they were in 1914. If they are, however, it will be the other fellow that will have to do the explaining, and not we." Golden Age 1924 Feb 13 p.314

As evidence of the imminence of the end, articles showed how Jesus' signs were being fulfilled. For instance, a spate of earthquakes in the United States in 1925 were used to motivate followers.

On June 27th and 28th the state of Montana experienced a series of earthquake shocks which cracked many buildings and caused others to sway dangerously. ... The whole earth seems to be uneasy, getting ready for the greatest of all earthquakes, the one predicted by the Lord as due at this time no doubt." The Broadcaster 1925 Jul 13

Basis of 1925 Doctrine

What was the basis for claiming the Scriptures so definitely proved the earthly resurrection would begin in 1925?

"Seventy jubilees of fifty years each would be a total of 3500 years. That period of time beginning 1575 before A.D. 1 of necessity would end in the fall of the year 1925, at which time the type ends and the great antitype must begin. Millions Now Living Will Never Die! p.88
"Seventy times 50 are 3,500. The whole period would therefore have been 3,500 years from the time the Jews entered Canaan until all the types would have been fulfilled. As they entered Canaan 1,575 years before Christ there would be 1,925 years of types after Christ, or 1925 A. D." The Way to Paradise p.223

It is a sad indictment on human gullibility that Watchtower followers can accept such flimsy evidence as unquestionable proof.

Early 1925, Rutherford started back peddling on such certainties.

"How much of all this will come to pass in 1926 is not stated. At present we do not find any definite date beyond 1926 indicated in the Scriptures. When the Bible Students found 1914 in the Bible they heralded it far and wide, but the Lord left the curtain down at that date until we had reached it. God set his seal upon 1914, and the work started that year is still going on. We find the date 1925-1926 clearly indicated in the prophetic outline, and the Lord has not lifted the curtain sufficiently for us to see distinctly beyond." Watch Tower 1925 Feb 15 p.58

Increase, then Decrease

After 1918, the Millions teaching became the central focus of the preaching effort, being delivered through a series of public lectures by Rutherford and other brothers. These were advertised in local newspapers, as displayed in the following clippings.

Preaching that the earthly resurrection would commence in 1925 resulted in tremendous growth for the Watchtower Society.

"This resulted in bringing into the sanctuary many more to be members of this remnant consecrated by Jehovah. This was evident from the increasing attendance at the annual celebrations of the Lord's evening meal,
32,661 participating in 1922;
42,000 in 1923;
62,696 in 1924; and
90,434 in 1925. ...
89,278 [in 1926]"
Watchtower 1960 May 1 p.282

The converse occurred after 1925 came and went without incidence. Memorial attendance dropped by three-quarters, from 88,544 in 1927 to just 17,380 in 1928. (Watchtower 1955 p.366; Yearbook 1929 p.55) (Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose p.313) It is estimated that as many as 75% of publishers left the religion and by 1935 memorial attendance was still only 63,146.3 It took until 1940 to once again reach the same number of Watchtower followers as the pre-1925 era.

Who Were the Millions?

Russell had proposed that Watchtower followers were to go to heaven, whilst most of the remainder of humanity would survive Armageddon to be educated personally by Jesus in paradise earth.

"He takes mankind as he finds them, and during the Millennial age will deal with each individual of the world according to his own particular condition, having mercy upon the weak and requiring more of the stronger, …" Studies in the Scriptures - The New Creation p.114

Rutherford continued to promote this teaching. In the New System, freed from the influence of Satan, Jesus would directly teach all people and give them the opportunity to choose if they wished to live forever serving him. Salvation was not contingent on becoming a Watchtower follower, or even a believer in Jesus. In fact, the churches were criticised for teaching that their members exclusively would be saved.

"The church systems would have the people believe that only those who become church members can be saved. The Bible never taught any such doctrine. ... Jesus died not only for those who will constitute the members of the church, but for all. St. John plainly stated: "He is the propitiation [satisfaction] for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world".-l John 2:2." Millions Now Living Will Never Die! p.94

It would be impossible for the human race, therefore, to accept the gift of life everlasting before it is offered. It will be offered only in God's due time and the divine plan shows that his due time is after the seed of promise is developed, after the kingdom is setup; and then each one in his order will be brought to a knowledge of the fact that a plan of redemption exists and that the way is open for him to accept the terms of it and live.... Millions Now Living Will Never Die! pp.95-96

The remainder of mankind have not heard it; therefore could not keep it. They will hear, however, in due time after the establishment of the kingdom. Then it shall come to pass that every one who will keep the saying of the Lord shall never see death. Millions Now Living Will Never Die! pp.96-97

Based upon the argument heretofore set forth, then, that the old order of things, the old world, is ending and is therefore passing away, and that the new order is coming in, and that 1925 shall mark the resurrection of the faithful worthies of old and the beginning of reconstruction, it is reasonable to conclude that millions of people now on the earth will be still on the earth in 1925. Then, based upon the promises set forth in the divine Word, we must reach the positive and indisputable conclusion that millions now living will never die." Millions Now Living Will Never Die! p.97
harp of god

The Harp of God went into great detail to explain God's generosity in saving the majority of humankind, to be educated in this new system of things. After referencing Isaiah 35:4-6 to describe life in this earthly New System, it went on to say;

"When these great miracles begin to be performed in the earth, then the most skeptical, it is to be hoped, will believe that the Lord Jesus reigns." The Harp of God p.331

Page 333 describes God's promise to Noah to never again smite "every living thing" as proof Armageddon will not result in a great human slaughter. "The majority of mankind practice unrighteousness" according to page 334, and these are the ones that will be given the opportunity to learn to practice righteousness during the reign of the Messiah. This was a fair concept that showed God's love and reasonableness towards humankind.

Current Misapplication

The Proclaimers book properly indicates that early Bible Students believed the majority of worldly people would survive Armageddon.

"[Bible Students] Understood that people then living-mankind in general-had the opportunity to survive right into the time of restitution and that they would then be educated in Jehovah's requirements for life. If obedient, they would gradually attain to human perfection. If rebellious, they would, in time, be destroyed forever." Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.163

More often though, the Watchtower misleadingly indicates that the teaching of "millions now living" was overoptimism, as if the teaching back then coincided with the current doctrine that only Jehovah's Witnesses would be saved onto earth as part of the Great Crowd.

"The "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" slogan applied only to the "great crowd" of "other sheep," mentioned in the Scriptures at Revelation 7:9 and John 10:16, whose destiny is an earthly paradise." Watchtower 1963 May 15 p.294
"In the early 1920's, a featured public talk presented by Jehovah's Witnesses was entitled "Millions Now Living Will Never Die." This may have reflected overoptimism at that time. But today that statement can be made with full confidence." Watchtower 1997 Jan 1 p.11
"This must be the class of persons that are often described as 'the millions now living that will never die'." Today, it is thrilling actually to see millions of these being marked for preservation, as they put on the true Christian personality, in a dedicated relationship to Jehovah through Christ Jesus. ...
Presented at that time was conclusive proof identifying the "great crowd" of Revelation 7:9 with the Lord's "other sheep" of John 10:16, with the Jehonadab class, with those marked in the forehead for survival, with the millions now living who will never die, and with "the sheep"... " Watchtower 1985 Mar 1 p.14

These statements are complete falsehoods. Rutherford's message was the very opposite of what these articles claim. He was not preaching that millions of Watchtower followers were never to die, in fact the few thousand Bible Students all expected to die and go to heaven, as either the Little Flock or Great Crowd. At that time, the teaching was that the Great Crowd would go to heaven. The "Millions" that Rutherford was referring to who would never die were the rest of humankind alive at that time.

The dishonesty that Watchtower displays is even more disturbing when considering the context of the Watchtower 1963 May 15 p.294. This quote is part of an article entitled "Taking Liberties with The Truth," which criticises people that misrepresent what Jehovah's Witnesses believe.

Shifting Blame

It is reprehensible that from the moment Rutherford's prediction proved wrong (and continuing to this day) the Governing Body shifted the blame for the false expectation away from themselves and onto the members.

"It was stated in the "Millions" book that we might reasonably expect them to return shortly after 1925, but this was merely an expressed opinion; besides it is still shortly after 1925." Watch Tower 1926 Jul 1 p.196
"Some anticipated that the work would end in 1925, but the Lord did not so state." Watch Tower 1926 Aug 1 p.232
"Instead of its being considered a 'probability,' they read into it that it was a 'certainty'." Yearbook 1975 p.146
"Ever since the 1870's, Bible Students had been serving with a date in mind - first 1914, then 1925. Now they realized that they must serve for as long as Jehovah wishes." Watchtower 1993 Nov 1 p.12
"On the basis of what was said there, many hoped that perhaps the remaining ones of the little flock would receive their heavenly reward by 1925. … Though mistaken, they eagerly shared it with others." Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.632

Rather than accept responsibility for stumbling followers with their false 1925 teachings, Watchtower derogatively describes these ones as chaff.

"Although these tests resulted in a sifting and some blew away like chaff when wheat is winnowed, others remained firm." Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.633

Current Watchtower comments about 1925, such as in Proclaimers, attempt to whitewash the failure, or shift the blame to the members. However, on one occasion, Rutherford candidly made the following admission;

“Regarding his misguided statements as to what we could expect in 1925, he once confessed to us at Bethel, “I made an ass of myself.”” Watchtower 1984 Oct 1 p.24

Importance Downplayed

Proclaimers deceptively claims that the failure of 1925 affected just a small minority.

"The year 1925 came and went. Some abandoned their hope. But the vast majority of the Bible Students remained faithful.” Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.78

We have already seen from Watchtower statistics that over half left the organisation.

An interesting tactic that downplays the importance is seen in the following quote. It is admitted that attendance dropped "in France and Switzerland", which misleadingly makes it seem other countries were not equally affected.

"But some of their time calculations and the expectations that they associated with these gave rise to serious disappointments. Following 1925, meeting attendance dropped dramatically in some congregations in France and Switzerland." Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.633

Similar intellectual dishonesty can be identified in the 1980 Yearbook, which misquotes from the Watchtower of 1926 in an attempt to downplay the sentiment of 1925. Notice how only half a sentence is quoted, with a full stop replacing a semi-colon.

Yearbook 1980 page 62 1925 Yearbook 1980 p.62

"Indicative of this testing was the question meeting held by Brother Rutherford during the Basel, Switzerland, assembly, which took place May 1-3, 1926. The report on this convention stated:

Question: Have the ancient worthies returned?

Answer: Certainly they have not returned. No one has seen them, and it would be foolish to make such an announcement. It was stated in the "Millions" book that we might reasonably expect them to return shortly after 1925, but this was merely an expressed opinion."

Watchtower 1926 page 196 1925 Watchtower 1926 Jul 1 p.196

"Question: Have the ancient worthies returned?

Answer: Certainly they have not returned. No one has seen them, and it would be foolish to make such an announcement. It was stated in the "Millions" book that we might reasonably expect them to return shortly after 1925, but this was merely an expressed opinion; besides it is still shortly after 1925. There is no good reason why we should expect the ancient worthies to return until the church is complete and the work of the church on earth is done."

When mentioning the title of the 1918 lectures, a 2010 Watchtower uses the word "may" instead of "will", despite including a scanned image of a newspaper advertisement that used the word "will" in the title.

"The anointed followers of Christ have been extending the invitation since as far back as 1918. In that year, the public talk entitled “Millions Now Living May Never Die” offered hope that many will gain life in a paradise earth after the battle of Armageddon." Watchtower 2010 Feb 15 pp.15-16

Using the word "may" deceptively covers over the absolute conviction Rutherford was implanting in his followers that the new system would arrive in 1925.

Rutherford's Defining Prophecy

The 1925 teaching seems to have originated between 1914 and 1916, whilst Russell was still living, but without his consent. In 1916 the Watch Tower quoted a letter asking;

DEARLY BELOVED PASTOR:… A sister recently arrived from --- tells us that the Class there are teaching that the church must not expect to be glorified until 1925, and that this is your thought;…" Watch Tower 1916 Apr 15 reprints p.5888

Russell replied;

"Our kindest thought must be that they are not giving much head to its teachings. Otherwise they would know from its columns that we are not looking forward to 1925, nor to any other date." Watch Tower 1916 Apr 15 reprints p.5888

Shortly after Russell's death, Rutherford introduced 1925 as doctrine. Whether this originated with Rutherford of some other person, this became Rutherford's defining prophecy, as he used it to rebuild Watchtower membership after the failure and disappointment of 1914. However, it was the failure of 1925 that resulted in even more important consequences for today, as it led to Rutherford embarking on a dramatic overhaul of Watchtower doctrine, and distancing his followers from Russell.

Following the failure of 1925, almost all of Russell's time prophecy predictions were discarded by Rutherford. Furthermore, it was stated that between 1918 and 1919 Jesus cleansed the Watchtower Society, in effect implying that the time of Russell was one of uncleanness, and it was under Rutherford that Jesus chose the Organization as his sole provision for salvation. Rutherford distanced his followers from other Christians by stating most of Christendom's symbols and holidays were pagan. Use of the word Jehovah began to be emphasised (see God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached p.288; Proclaimers p.152), leading to the name change of Watchtower followers from Bible Students to Jehovah's Witnesses in 1931.

Finally, in 1935 the great crowd was moved from heaven to earth, to become the sole survivors of Armageddon. These changes made it simple to introduce a concept of "narrow salvation," the concept that only a handful of the world were deserving salvation. Conveniently, survivors now had to belong to one earthly Organization, the Watchtower Society. God was prepared to kill billions of people, most that have never even heard of the Watchtower Organization.

The Bible explains that Jesus Ransom was for all mankind, even the ungodly.

Romans 5:6 "For, indeed, Christ, while we were yet weak, died for ungodly men at the appointed time …"
2 Corinthians 5:14 "For the love the Christ has compels us, because this is what we have judged, that one man died for all …"

Rutherford's post 1925 belief structure removed the value of Jesus sacrifice from "all mankind" and placed his followers alone amongst the living as worthy of its benefits. This unfortunate view eliminates most of the value of Jesus sacrifice for those alive at Armageddon and paints a cruel and unjust God. This viewpoint cannot be justified by reason or Scripture, yet is common amongst fundamentalist religious groups, due to being an effective way to encourage membership and prevent defection.

"Millions now living will never die" had its first failure in 1925 when the earthly return of Abraham failed to materialise. Time has proven this prophecy false beyond doubt. In 2017 there were less than one million people still alive that were on earth when Rutherford made his bold statement, with an estimate of only 450,000 centenarians throughout the earth.4

False Prophecy                                                  True Prophecy


1 Russell's will appears in Studies in the Scriptures - The Plan of the Ages, 1927 Edition "Biography" pp.8-14. Here he directed that rather than a single person having full control as he had done, an Editorial Committee of five (the names of which are listed in the will) be in charge of approving Watchtower truth. Rutherford contested this and took control as president.

2 "1918 - The discourse “The World Has Ended — Millions Now Living May Never Die” is first delivered, on February 24, in Los Angeles, California. On March 31, in Boston, Massachusetts, the talk is entitled “The World Has Ended — Millions Now Living Will Never Die.” - Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.719

3 M. James Penton. Apocalypse Delayed-The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses p.61, Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom p.717

4 How Many People Live to Hundred Across the Globe.html The Centenarian 26th Oct 2017. See also Centenarian - Wikipedia.

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